This section documents various codes used in the file format; handler codes (that declare track types) and group types (as used in the AVC specification) in particular.
Code Abstract Type Defined in/by
nclx Normal color information Color info ISO
prof Full ICC color profile Color info ISO
rICC Restricted ICC color profile Color info ISO
url$20 URL data location Data reference ISO
urn$20 URN data location Data reference ISO
3gsd 3GPP Scene Description handler 3GPP
auxv Auxiliary video handler ISO
cpad CPCM Auxiliary Metadata handler DVB
crsm ClockReferenceStream handler MPEG-4
dmbd DVB Mandatory Metadata handler DVB
dtva TV-Anytime Metadata, according to DVB specifications handler DVB
fdsm Font data streams (defined in part MPEG-4 part 18) handler MPEG-4
gesm General MPEG-4 systems streams (without specific handler) handler see (1) below
hint Hint track handler ISO
hpix Hipix Rich Picture Format handler HIPIX
ID32 ID3 version 2 meta-data handler (meta box) handler inline
ipdc DVB IPDC ESG Metadata handler DVB
ipsm IPMP Stream handler MPEG-4
m7sm MPEG7Stream handler MPEG-4
meta Metadata handler ISO
mjsm MPEG-J Stream handler MPEG-4
mp21 MPEG-21 Digital item handler MPEG-21
mp7b MPEG-7 (binary meta-data) handler ISO
mp7t MPEG-7 (textual meta-data) handler ISO
null No handling required (meta-data) handler ISO
ocsm ObjectContentInfoStream handler MPEG-4
odsm ObjectDescriptorStream handler MPEG-4
sdsm SceneDescriptionStream handler MPEG-4
skmm Key Management Messages handler DVB
smhr Samsung Video Metadata Handler handler Samsung
soun Audio track handler ISO
subt Subtitle track handler handler DECE
text Text track handler 3GPP
tmcd Timecode Track handler Apple
uri$20 URI identified metadata handler DVB
vide Video track handler ISO
fdel File delivery reference item ref. ISO
iloc Item data location item ref. ISO
bitr Bitrate Multiview Reln. Attribute AVC
ecam Extrinsic camera parameters Multiview Reln. Attribute AVC
elvi Elliptical view array Multiview Reln. Attribute AVC
frar Frame rate Multiview Reln. Attribute AVC
geom Geometry Multiview Reln. Attribute AVC
icam Intrinsic camera parameters Multiview Reln. Attribute AVC
ilvi Inline view array Multiview Reln. Attribute AVC
levl Level Multiview Reln. Attribute AVC
nvws Number of output views Multiview Reln. Attribute AVC
plvi Planar view array Multiview Reln. Attribute AVC
prfl Profile Multiview Reln. Attribute AVC
rtvi Rectangular view array Multiview Reln. Attribute AVC
spvi Spherical view array Multiview Reln. Attribute AVC
stvi Stereo view array Multiview Reln. Attribute AVC
aSEI SEI-restricted video protection scheme AVC
cenc Common Encryption protection scheme ISO-CENC
cpcm CPCM (DVB BlueBook A094) protected content protection scheme DVB
odkm OMA DRM KMS protection scheme protection scheme OMA DRM 2.0
stvi Stereo video restricted scheme protection scheme ISO
3gag Text track3GPP PSS Annex G video buffer parameters sample group 3GPP
alst Alternative startup sequence sample group ISO
avcb AVC HRD parameters sample group 3GPP
avll AVC layer description group sample group AVC
avss AVC Sub-sequence group sample group AVC
dtrt SVC decode re-timing sample group AVC
mvif MVC Scalability Information sample group AVC
rap$20 Random access point sample group ISO
rash Rate share sample group ISO
roll Pre/Post roll group sample group AVC, ISO
scif SVC Scalability Information sample group AVC
scnm AVC/SVC/MVC map groups sample group AVC
tele Temporal Level sample group ISO
vipr View priority sample group AVC
bitr Track differs in bitrate track sel. ISO
cdec Track differs by codec type in the Sample Entry track sel. ISO
cgsc The track can be coarse-grain scaled. track sel. ISO
fgsc The track can be fine-grain scaled. track sel. ISO
frar Track differs in frame rate track sel. ISO
mela Track differs in language track sel. ISO
mpsz Track differs in the maximum RTP Packet size track sel. ISO
mtyp Track differs in media type (handler type) track sel. ISO
nvws Number of views in the sub track track sel. ISO
resc The track can be region-of-interest scaled. track sel. ISO
scsz Track differs in width and/or height track sel. ISO
spsc The track can be spatially scaled. track sel. ISO
tesc The track can be temporally scaled. track sel. ISO
vwsc Sub-track can be scaled in terms of number of views track sel. ISO
  1. There only exists a defined set of handler code-points in MP4 file format allowing declaration of most known MPEG-4 Systems streams. However there is no provision for private MPEG-4 streams, which may be used by the file creator. This will likely push the file creator into using one of the defined handler types, which is wrong and may corrupt processing by some file readers. This is a generic handler type to indicate that the media is an MPEG-4 systems stream, without further details on the stream type itself. The associated sample descriptions must still remain the same, i.e. "mp4s" as used with all MPEG-4 systems streams.